Get to know Monsieur Rock

Monsieur Rock is a blond beer with a 6.6% alcohol content. It is brewed using only 4 ingredients: Pilsner malt, aromatic hops, water, and a specially selected bottom-fermenting yeast.

This very low-temperature, bottom-fermented beer is produced using the same methods as were used to make certain special beers more than 40 years ago, making it a traditional beer brewed using modern techniques.

The fermenting period lasts for over a week, and the beer matures in a lagering tank at a low temperature in the presence of aromatic hops. A specific yeast strain is used for bottle fermentation.

Let’s taste a Monsieur Rock beer

With its particularly Belgian character, English speakers like to say it has a « Belgian nose ».

After the initial light malt flavour, there is a perceptible lingering bitter taste. It is light and very refreshing in the mouth; smooth, with a dry, pleasant aftertaste. Beautifully attenuated, it offers an unparalleled complexity of flavours. Monsieur Rock offers a sublime example of delicacy for experienced tasters.

In the nose, we have delicious aromas of fine hops accentuated by a flowery scent from the yeast and a very light peppery touch. Sumptuous for the subtlety of its flavours, very intense in the nose combined with a surprising lightness of aroma.

In short, beer the way it should always be.

Jean-Marie ROCK,
Master brewer

iTQi Superior Taste Award 2017
Alcohol content